2nd International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and NetMedicine

On August, 3rd AIRT Lab organizes, in conjunction with IJCAI 2013, the 2nd International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and NetMedicine (NetMed 2013) in Beijing, China.

The workshop aims to bring together scholars and practitioners active in Artificial Intelligence driven Health Informatics, to present and discuss their research, share their knowledge and experiences, define key research challenges and explore possible international collaborations to advance the intelligent practice of Medicine over the Internet.

The NetMed Workshop will collect original contributions on research and application aspects of Artificial Intelligence driven e-Health, coming from all over the world. In particular, areas of interest are:

  • Virtual Caregivers and nurses
    • AI-based collaborative care and communication
    • intelligent devices and instruments
    • AI-based "Ambient Assisted Living"
    • wearable and/or unobtrusive smart systems
    • patient care, monitoring and early diagnosis
  • Artificial Intelligence and Health Informatics
    • medical ontology modeling
    • fusion and interpretation of multimodal medical information
    • reasoning with the uncertainty of medical data/knowledge
    • semantically diagnosis modelling
    • mining on medical data/knowledge
    • AI-based clinical decision making
    • automated reasoning and metareasoning in medicine
  • Intelligent Medical Information Systems
    • Multi-Agent architectures for "NetMedicine" and "Health Information Systems"
    • interoperability of medical records
    • patient centric (and evidence-based) decision support systems
    • intelligent games for disease diagnosis
    • intelligent visualization of medical data (augmented reality)
  • Philosophical, Ethical, Juridical and Social issues
    • social networks for improved medical education
    • managing the patient personalized medical data
    • medical web pages characterization
    • monitoring patient and/or elderly people personal life
    • health informatics in the developing world
    • extending quality healthcare to rural communities
    • AI in medical education

The AIRT Lab research group hopes that interesting ideas and discussions will come out of the presentations, demos and the questions that will alternate along the day. Looking forward to an interesting and enjoyable workshop!