Linux Day 2013 - GNU/Linux @ University

What is GNU/Linux? What is Free Software? Why should a user choose GNU/Linux instead of other proprietary OSes? What can you do with Linux? Why Linux is so widely used in scientific research and university? During the Linux Day 2013, at ITIS "E. Mattei" in Recanati, Prof. Aldo Franco Dragoni and Andrea Claudi answered to these and many other questions by the students.

The "Linux Day" is an Italian event born in 2001, with the aim of promoting free software and the GNU/Linux OS. This year 107 initiatives have been organized all over Italy. The AIRT Lab research group was invited to speak about Linux and how it is used at the university at ITIS "E. Mattei" in Recanati, in an effort to link higher technical education to academia.

After a brief introduction by the dean, prof. Giovanni Giri, prof. Dragoni talked about the history and principles of the Free Software, and showed some software available to Linux users. Andrea Claudi has dealt with more technical matters relating to the use of Linux in scientific research and Linux kernel modules programming. There was also a brief final discussion on the illegal use of proprietary software.

On this page, interested students can find useful materials and links to learn more about Free Software and GNU/Linux.