Lachesis @ University of York

The test-suite Lachesis was presented on the 4th of November within the "Real-Time Systems Group" weekly seminars, at the Department of Computer Science of the University of York.
Below you can find the abstract and the slides of the talk.

13th Real-Time Linux Workshop - Prague

The "Artificial Intelligence & Real-Time Systems Group" will attend the 13th Real-Time Linux Workshop, October 20th to 22th, 2011, in Prague.

The group will give a talk about "Lachesis: a testsuite for Linux based real-time systems". Lachesis is a testsuite for Linux-based real-time systems. Trough a standard API Lachesis greatly simplifies developing and testing real-time features of systems like Linux, PREEMPT_RT, Xenomai and RTAI.


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