Job opportunity at AIRT Lab

A research fellow post-graduate position is available at AIRT Lab.

The research project aims to develop a virtual simulation environment for an ambient assisted living case study, in order to test the interactions between the patient, his family, the physical environment and the healthcare facility. The simulation environment must be able to test the validity of interaction protocols and validate the capabilities of the "Virtual Carer" to reason and interpret information from the sensors (environmental and wearable), and to make choose proper plans to be implemented in the simulated physical world.

A 3-year postdoc position at University of Sannio

The Department of Science and Technology of University of Sannio is offering a 3-year postdoc position on "Bioinformatic methods and technologies to identify non-coding sequences involved in the biology of neurotrophins". The deadline for the application is December 9, 2013. The position is financed by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR), through the "Future in Research 2012" research program.