Health Services through Digital Terrestrial Television

TitoloHealth Services through Digital Terrestrial Television
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsDragoni, A F.
Book TitleTelehealth Networks for Hospital Services: New Methodologies
EditionVincenzo Gulla, Angelo Rossi Mori, Francesco Gabbrielli and Pietro Lanzafame
PublisherIGI Global
ISBN NumberISBN10: 1466629797
ISBNISBN13: 9781466629790
Accession NumberEISBN13: 9781466629806

This chapter defines a scenario for providing Health Services through the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), both for patients (monitoring health parameters) and healthy citizens. A number of services will be provided over DTT, not only by means of informative or interactive applications broadcast and installed on the set-top box, but also as transactional services through the secure return channel. However, much effort has to be spent to guarantee the usability of that new TV-based interface, which is quite different from that of a PC-based Web application.