Lachesis @ University of York

Lo scorso 4 Novembre, nell'ambito del ciclo di seminari del "Real-Time Systems Group" presso il dipartimento di Computer Science della University of York, è stata presentata la suite di test "Lachesis".

Qui di seguito l'abstract dell'intervento e le relative slides.

Lachesis: a test suite for Linux-based real-time systems - Andrea Claudi

Testing is a key step in the software development cycle. Errors and bug fixing costs can significantly affect development costs without a full and comprehensive test on the system. Testing is even more important in
real-time systems, because they are used in environments where a single failure could lead to serious damages.

The first efforts to change the Linux kernel, introducing in it some real-time features, are dating back more than ten years ago. Nevertheless, there’s not a comprehensive test suite able to assesses the functionality and the conformance to the real-time operating systems standards for the Linux kernel and for the real-time nanokernels that rely on it. Despite that RTAI and Xenomai nanokernels are used in production environments, there is no test suite for them.

This seminar is about Lachesis, a dynamic test suite for real-time Linux features. Lachesis’s main goals are:

  • to provide a standard and simple API to develop new tests;
  • to provide a set of functional, regression, performance and stress test, either developing or porting them from other test suites;
  • to design and experiment a series of build tests;
  • to make the test suite extensible and portable.

Up to now Lachesis is used to test Linux, PREEMPT RT, RTAI and Xenomai real- time features and performances. It provides some tests for SCHED_DEADLINE patch, too. Lachesis is under active development: extensions to other real-time systems and more tests are planned to be added in the near future.

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