Call for Papers

EXTENDED Paper Submission Deadline: May 28, 2012


ECAI 2012 Workshop

1st International Workshop on
Artificial Intelligence and NetMedicine

--- NetMed 2012 ---

Montpellier, France, August 27th, 2012


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Medical tele-reporting and second-opinion over the Internet are nowadays cost-effective and widely adopted practices. Physicians and general practitioners make daily use of tele-consultation over the WEB, VOIP, chat and video-conferencing. Social networking favors the constitution of large communities of members sharing a same medical interest, so that TeleMedicine is rapidly turning into what we call NetMedicine, which simply denotes every Health-related activity which is carried on through the Internet.

Since its inception and along all its history, Artificial Intelligence served the Medicine, under both its souls, the logicistic and the connessionistic ones. But in the current digitally networked and hyperlinked e-Health scenario, Artificial Intelligence has to play other new important roles. Today we urge intelligent software to semantically interpret and filter diagnostic data, automatically classify and convey medical information, virtualize nurses and hospital lanes to reduce the costs of healthcare, etc.

This one-day workshop aims at bringing together scholars and practitioners active in Artificial Intelligence driven Health Informatics, to present and discuss their research, share their knowledge and experiences, define key research challenges and explore possible international collaborations to advance the intelligent practice of Medicine over the Internet.



Participants are invited to submit papers on all research and application aspects of Artificial Intelligence driven e-Health, including, but not limited to:

  • Tele-Health and Telemonitoring over the Internet

    • Collaborative care and communication

    • Intelligent devices and instruments

  • Ontology modeling and reasoning in Health Information Engineering and Systems


  • Patient care, monitoring and diagnosis

    • AI-based clinical decision making

    • Clinical Evidence-Based decision support systems

  • Architectures of Electronic Health Records

  • AI in medical education

  • Medical knowledge engineering

    • Medical data mining

  • Modelling and simulation

  • Implementation and case studies

  • Intelligent Visualization in Medicine

  • Intelligent Medical Information Systems

    • Intelligent health records

  • Automated Reasoning and Metareasoning in Medicine

  • Philosophical, Ethical, and Social issues of AI in Medicine

  • Extending quality healthcare to rural communities

  • Health Informatics in the developing world

Submissions reporting on case studies in a medical context are strongly invited, and should describe details, weaknesses and strength in sufficient depth.



Details on submissions can be found here.


Invited speaker

We are pleased to announce that Klaus-Peter Adlassnig, editor-in-chief of "Artificial Intelli-gence in Medicine", will open the workshop with an invited talk.



We plan to publish the Proceedings of NetMed 2012 in Springer-Verlag LNCS/LNAI series.