Programme of RTcMAS 2018

Accepted papers will have 25 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions.

Moreover, the authors are required to briefly present two final slides introducing the real-time related challenges envisioned in their works and, more in general, the open challenges for the real-time compliant multi-agent systems.

The workshop will be open by the keynote titled When Rationality entered Time and became a Physical Agent in a Cyber Society given by Prof. Aldo F. Dragoni. The aftenoon session will be open by Dr. Alessandro Biondi about the importance of safety-critical systems and their crucial requirements to be mandatorily considered by Intelligent systems operating in CPS.

The workshop will be concluded by a selected panel where the chairs, the presenters and the attendants will summarize the contributions and will discuss the presented open challenges. The envisioned objectives and milestones will then be organized composing a roadmap paper for the future steps in the field of Real-Time compliant Multi-Agent Systems.

Schedule of RTcMAS 2018

    [9.15 -10]
    Keynote: When Rationality entered Time and became a Physical Agent in a Cyber Society
    Speaker: Aldo Franco Dragoni

    [10 - 10.30] Coffee break

    Session 1 - Chair: Prof. Aldo Franco Dragoni

    [10.30 - 11]
    Paper: Timing Reliability for Local Schedulers in Multi-Agent Systems
    Authors: Davide Calvaresi, Giuseppe Albanese, Mauro Marinoni, Fabien Dubosson, Paolo Sernani, Aldo Franco Dragoni and Michael Schumacher

    [11 - 11.30]
    Paper: An Event Calculus Formalization of Timed Automata
    Authors: Nicola Falcionelli, Paolo Sernani, Dagmawi Neway Mekuria and Aldo Franco Dragoni

    [11.30 - 12]
    Paper: An agent based WCET analysis for top-view person re-identification
    Authors: Marina Paolanti, Valerio Placidi, Michele Bernardini, Andrea Felicetti, Rocco Pietrini and Emanuele Frontoni

    [12 - 12.30]
    Paper: A Task-sets Generator for Supporting the Analysis of Multi-Agent Systems under General Purpose and Real-Time Conditions
    Authors: Davide Calvaresi, Giuseppe Albanese, Fabien Dubosson, Mauro Marinoni and Michael Schumacher

    [12.30 - 14.15] Lunch break

    [14.15 - 15]
    Keynote: Towards Autonomous Safety-Critical Systems: Vision and Challenges
    Speaker: Alessandro Biondi

    Session 2 - Chair: Dr. Davide Calvaresi

    [15 - 15.30]
    Paper: Towards a Real-time Mitigation of High Temperature while Drilling using a Multi-agent System
    Authors: Yazan Mualla, Amro Najjar, Robin Vanet, Olivier Boissier and Stephane Galland

    [15.30 - 16] Coffee break

    [16 - 16.30]
    Paper: Time aware task delegation in agent interactions for video-surveillance
    Authors: Paolo Sernani, Matteo Biagiola, Nicola Falcionelli, Dagmawi Neway Mekuria and Aldo Franco Dragoni

    [16.30 - 17.30] Round table among chairs, authors and participants