Call for Paper of RTcMAS 2018

The purpose of this first “International workshop on Real-Time compliant Multi-Agent Systems” is to help creating bridges between Artificial Intelligence and Real-Time, while establishing a common ground for the development of predictable and timing-reliable intelligent Agents. Agent Oriented Programming is an outstanding expression of Distributed AI which is pervading a broad range of domains since new possibilities and challenges have been set by the advent of IoT and CPS. Nevertheless, many challenges have still to be nailed. In particular, RTcMAS intends to raise the awareness about the real need of equipping MAS with the capability of guaranteeing the respect of strict timing-constraints. In light of the recent and increasing attempts from both the communities, robust theoretical contributions and practical application have been widely acknowledged, and they are fervent and greedy to debut in the real world. Therefore, such kind of contributions from researchers, engineers, and practitioners who are interested in both theoretical and practical applications of intelligent agents and real-time systems are welcome. Ideas and suggestions on how to empower agents and artificial intelligence, both in R&D and industrial applications under timing-reliability are encouraged. Papers presenting theoretical contributions, simulators, advanced prototypes, tools, brand new or refactored techniques, and general survey papers tracking current evolutions and future directions are also welcome. RTcMAS is characterized by a single main track covering both applications and research works. Participants are invited to submit papers on all research and application aspects of Real Time compliant Multi Agent System, including, but not limited to:

Topics of RTcMAS 2018

- Real-Time Multi-Agent Systems

- Real-Time Autonomous Systems

- Real-Time Distributed Problem Solving

- Real-Time Smart Task Allocation and Execution

- Real-Time Negotiation and Interaction Protocols

- Simulators and Architectures for Real-Time MAS

- Agent-Oriented Programming for Control Applications

- Agent-Oriented Programming for the Internet Of Things

- Agent-Oriented Programming for Cyber-Physical Systems

- Agent Oriented Software Engineering for Real-Time Systems

- Cyber-Physical Agents

- Emergent Behavioral analysis

- Real-Time Behavior Scheduling

- Robot and Multi-robot Systems

- Simulation of Multi-Agent Systems

- Real-Time Cooperation and Coordination

- Agent Platforms for safety-critical systems

- Performance analysis of Multi-Agent Systems

- Response Time analysis in Multi-Agent Systems

- Industrial applications of Multi-Agent Systems